Our Quality Policy

To create a quality culture of Gökkaya Construction Brand.

While producing projects that will provide added value to the environment and society, we take into account the satisfaction of our customers. For this purpose, we follow the latest technologies and developments in our sector and implement them in our works.

We attach importance to the optimization of our planning and the principle of on-time delivery as much as the quality of our constructions. It is one of our basic principles to comply with all legal regulations on environmental and occupational health issues in the applicable laws and regulations required by our business and to regularly monitor this compliance during the process.

We provide safe working areas to minimize work accidents and occupational diseases, and we pay attention to the training of our staff, each of whom are experts in their fields. Within the principle of respect for human and nature, we carry out environmentally sensitive works by taking into account the use of natural resources and environmental pollution.


  • Fast response to needs
  • Total quality at every stage
  • Accuracy
  • Productivity
  • High Performance
  • Fast Service
  • Resilience